Side Events 20 February

In conjunction with the conference programme, a number of Side Events are arranged 20 February.

On the morning of day two of the conference, several interesting Side Events are offered. The Side Events will take place at 07:45-08:45 am. The rooms are at level 2 at the Waterfront Congress Center.

Venue: Waterfront Congress Centre
Address: Nils Ericsons Plan 4, Stockholm
Registration opens at 7:15

Please read more about them and choose to attend the event that interests you the most.

From That Day Our World Crumbled: The Human Cost of Inaction on Road Safety 

Host: Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety
Description: Based on data collected through the 2019 People’s Survey, this session will explore the socio-economic, psychological and human rights effects that road traffic crashes have on ordinary people and make recommendations for how the findings of the People’s Survey can be used to elevate the road safety agenda.
Room: 21, level 2

After the Stockholm Declaration - What Next? How Do We Ensure Regional Buy-In and Delivery of What’s Been Agreed?

Hosts: European Commission/WHO
Description: This session will identify how delegates can ensure that evidence-based policies and practices are put in place based on the safe system approach and Vision Zero to deliver ambitious results for road safety by 2030, in particular by ensuring strong buy-in at regional level.
Room: C1/C2, level 2

Mobilizing Parliamentarians or Road Safety: Perspectives From Parliamentarians and Parliamentary “Friends of Road Safety” Groups

Hosts: WHO/UK Parliamentary Advisory Council for Road Safety (PACTS)/FIA Foundation/Towards Zero Foundation
Description: This session will highlight opportunities for parliamentarians and parliamentary bodies to contribute to evidence-based, context driven legislation as well as implications for action by them in the post-2020 agenda.
Room: C3, level 2

Smart Investment Saves Lives: Using Strategic Communication to Promote Safe Behaviours

Hosts: Vital Strategies/WHO/Bloomberg Philanthropies Initiative for Global Road Safety
Description: This session will focus on strategies and solutions for strategic communication, including mass media campaigns, which, when paired with enhanced enforcement, can lead to positive behaviour change.
Room: 27, level 2

Partnerships for Better Road Safety Data

Hosts: International Road Federation (Geneva)/Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety/Total Foundation
Description: This session will describe the coordinated efforts needed to address the significant need for better knowledge, skills and action on road safety data, building on the concrete experience of the LEARN project. The new IRF Data Warehouse tool will also be launched.
Room: 23, level 2

Download the Full Programme of the event (pdf, 517 kB)

Learn more about the event (Irfnet website)

The Road Safety Barometer: Decrypting Users’ Behaviour on our roads

Hosts: International Road Federation (Geneva)/ASECAP (European Association of Tollway Operators)/Fondation Vinci
Description: The Responsible Driving Barometer is an essential information tool for understanding the risky behaviour of drivers and better orienting preventive messages. This session will explore the latest results and ways in which to effectively address risky behaviours.
Room: Room 38 (entrance next to Media Centre, level 4 – entrance hall)

Download the Full Programme of the event (pdf, 534 kB)

Learn more about the event (Irfnet website)

Vision Zero Challenge for Latin America

Host: World Resources Institute (WRI)
Description: This session will gather decision-makers from Latin American cities to discuss how to embrace the paradigm shift to Vision Zero, including the main challenges and opportunities as well as how ten leading organizations (WRI, FIA Foundation, Inter-American Development Bank, World Bank, International Transport Forum, Vision Zero Academy, UK aid, Towards Zero Foundation, Fundación Gonzalo Rodriguez and Latin NCAP) can support them in this fundamental change.
Room: 26, level 2

The Global Roadmap of Action Towards Sustainable Mobility

Host: World Bank Sustainable Mobility for All (Sum4All) Initiative
Description: SuM4All, with its Global Roadmap of Action Toward Sustainable Mobility (GRA), has become a pivotal platform for international cooperation on transport and sustainable mobility. This session will facilitate learning about the GRA and how it will be used to identify policy and investment gaps and the steps needed to attain the SDGs.
Room: 24-25, level 2

Walking Works: a Win Win Win Investment

Description: This session will introduce key steps cities and communities can follow to achieve increases in walking as a regular and preferred mobility option; tools to assess the economic and societal impact of increasing walking and latest developments towards standardizing walking metrics and indicators. Three short presentations will be followed by questions and open discussion.
Room: C4, level 2