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On site

Media registration is on the ground floor of Stockholm Waterfront. There is a special entrance for media. Please collect your personal badge on February 18th if its possible.

Bring your photo identification and your confirmation barcode, otherwise You can not register.

Registration on-site

The Media Center is located on ground floor, level 4, is fully equipped with wifi, 20 work stations, 2 printers, 2 extra computers to borrow. There are two Media Zones for interviews, photography and filming.

Click on the drawing below to see it in full size.media_center.png

Sessions take place in Main Congress Hall, day 1, media can use a shortcut from Media Centre to Main Congress Hall. There are 50 reserved seats for media in the Main Congress Hall. Day 2, there are parallel sessions on level 2, 4, 5 and 6.

Stockholm Waterfront floorplan

In the Main Congress Hall there is a special space for 5 filmphotographers.

A contact point for your interview requests is located in the Media Centre.

Refreshments are available in the Media Centre. Lunch is free.

Please contact the Media Centre with any questions.