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Speech by Minister for Infrastructure Tomas Eneroth concluding the conference.

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Resolution to improve global road safety adopted by the UNGA

The United Nations General Assembly endorses the Stockholm Declaration. On 31 August 2020 the resolution to improve global road safety was adopted.

It is with pleasure that we can note that the United Nations General Assembly has adopted the resolution to improve global road safety och endorses the Stockholm Declaration. We would like to thank all those who have been involved and contributed to this work.

We note that Vision Zero is more clearly identified than ever and that the resolution proclaims the period 2021–2030 as the Second Decade of Action for Road Safety, with a goal of reducing road traffic deaths and injuries by at least 50 per cent from 2021 to 2030. And in this regard calls upon Member States to continue action through 2030 on all the road safety-related targets of the Sustainable Development Goals, including target 3.6.

The resolution requests the World Health Organization and the United Nations regional commissions, in cooperation with other partners in the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration and other stakeholders, to prepare a plan of action of the Second Decade as a guiding document to support the implementation of its objectives.

The resolution decides to convene a high-level meeting of the General Assembly, no later than the end of 2022, on improving global road safety with a view to addressing gaps and challenges as well as mobilizing political leadership and promoting multisectoral and multi-stakeholder collaboration in this regard, and further decides to define the scope and modalities of such a meeting no later than the seventy-fifth session of the General Assembly.