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Content of the conference's 5 High-level Panels and 18 sessions now available

During the first day, four High-level Panels are arranged. On day two, the fifth High-level Panel is conducted, together with eighteen parallel sessions in different areas.

The contents of the respective events are now available, and are described in the program pdf which you can download here om the Programme page.

Preliminary Programme

High-level Panels

  • Harnessing the successes of the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011–2020
  • Achieving SDG targets through Vision Zero
  • Building effective leadership for road safety
  • Financing safe and sustainable transport Systems
  • Enhancing international collaboration for road safety

Parallel sessions (three blocks)

  • Promoting sustainable cities and communities
  • Developing new technologies for road safety
  • Ensuring decent work conditions
  • Protecting children and adolescents
  • Producing and consuming responsibly
  • Developing effective and accountable institutions
  • Ensuring a gender perspective to road safety solutions
  • Advancing equity in road safety
  • Mitigating climate change through road safety
  • Triggering decision making for road safety
  • Ensuring the safety of active road users
  • Addressing the safety of powered two-wheelers
  • Reaping the benefits of safe speeds
  • Managing road safety
  • Designing roads for safety
  • Ensuring safe vehicles and vehicle fleets
  • Improving the behavior of all road users
  • Enhancing the post-crash response